My Vision

This year, 2019, is the year to make a difference in Wellington – Halton Hills. We can cut carbon and create jobs. We can improve health and save money.

Greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, and water and soil are  increasingly at risk. The urgency of our situation has become  unmistakably apparent. For better or worse, our descendants will deal  with the repercussions of our decisions today. Our children deserve a  future without debilitating debt and climate chaos, a future where there is equity, opportunity, peace, and security.

It is time to move beyond  individual actions and to invest in the infrastructure, industries, and  economic transformations that will allow our natural ecosystems to thrive.

Join me in advancing policies that will provide more predictability and  less risk for businesses and healthy ecosystems for youth, homeowners,  workers and indeed, all citizens. It makes sense to live well today and  tomorrow.

I want to hear from you, I want to work with communities across  Wellington – Halton Hills, and I want  to bring your voice to Ottawa.   Together we can make history in this riding. Together we can invest in the future our children deserve. It is time for radical change in politics!

Mission Possible of the Green Party of Canada is an excellent made-in-Canada proposal

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