Elizabeth May Endorses Ralph Martin

“Ralph Martin is the clear choice in this election as a vote for Ralph is a vote for action toward a more positive future.  Greens are leaders not followers and it’s time WHH selects a leader not a follower. Vote Green”

Mike Nagy – former GPC Environment Critic and Guelph Candidate

“I had the opportunity to meet Ralph Martin recently and appreciate his unique take not only to the environmental and sustainability issues but to the challenges facing small businesses, families, roads and commuter issues in our community. Ralph’s economic sensibilities present a compelling alternative to our traditional conservative community and he would send a strong message of sustainability to Ottawa. Join me this fall in supporting Ralph Martin and the Green Party of Canada”

Ryan Colwell – Georgetown Business Owner

“I have just met Ralph and am very impressed with his dedication and openness. He makes a great case for growing the economy through the implementation of the Green New Deal which will be the saving of our economy. He makes me proud to be a Canadian, which the other parties have failed to do. None of us wants a “pie in the sky” approach to all the changes we are facing, and Ralph offers concrete ways to solve the problem that our homes, province and our planet face now. I will be voting Green for the first time, and not the last! Thanks, Ralph!”

Gerry Walsh – Erin, Ontario

“Ralph is someone whose recognition for academic excellence in organic research and sustainable food systems we have followed over the years but we are just now learning of his business and social justice contributions which are equally impressive. As farmers and advocates for regenerative food systems but most of all as engaged citizens here in the centre of the riding, we think that Ralph will bring a wealth of science and business-based expertise as well as a deeply rooted ability to listen, really hear what is being said and respond from a place of genuine understanding and respect.”

Cathy & Kaj Hansen – Ospringe, Ontario

“Having known Ralph for many years, we know him to be a champion for business that works for change. As small, agriculturally-based business owners in Wellington – Halton Hills, we need political leadership that fosters opportunity for  business to be a force for social and environmental change. We believe that Ralph offers that kind of leadership!”

Brent Klassen & Val Steinman – Heartwood Farm & Cidery

“Looking forward to Ralph Martin’s campaign for the Green Party in our riding of Wellington – Halton Hills. With his extensive knowledge in agriculture and sustainable food production, Ralph will make an excellent MP for our rural riding.”

Brent Bouteiller, P.Eng. – Fergus, Ontario

“I am thrilled to support Ralph in his campaign in Wellington – Halton Hills. He brings a wealth of experience in environmental issues, particularly in agriculture, water systems, and development. He has a contagious passion for building a sustainable future for our community, country and world. He brings a new vision for a rapidly changing reality. Ralph brings a new voice to Wellington – Halton Hills at a time when it is most needed.” 

Peter Snow, RSW – Limehouse, Ontario

“I’m really excited to be joining the Green Party of Canada in order to personally support Ralph Martin’s nomination for Wellington – Halton Hills. I’ve had the opportunity of collaborating with Ralph for many years and can confidently say that he is a visionary with concrete solutions for tackling many of the complex environmental challenges we face, a leader who is dedicated to community and to supporting grass roots initiatives, and an individual of incredible integrity who we can trust will listen, represent and act upon our thoughts and concerns for a brighter future.”

Ali English – Executive Director of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario

“Join me in supporting Ralph Martin to become Wellington – Halton Hills’ Green Party of Canada candidate for this October’s federal election.  I have been impressed with Ralph’s ability and willingness to help ecological farmers improve and increase the sustainability of our widely diverse operations.  With current agricultural practices among the leading contributors to climate change, Ralph’s is the voice we need representing Wellington – Halton Hills in Parliament.”

Matt Jones – Organic Farmer

“Few students have the opportunity to work with an academic supervisor who is not only incredibly knowledgeable but reflective and kind as well. Ralph Martin was just that. I am always in awe of Ralph’s ingenuity and compassion, and his passion and dedication to environmental sustainability and social justice issues would make him an exciting federal candidate for the Green Party.”

Sarah Rotz – Postdoctoral Fellow. Health, Environment, and Communities Research Lab

“As local business owners, not for profit leaders, parents and engaged citizens in Guelph,  Ralph Martin has our whole support to become the Green Party candidate for Wellington – Halton Hills. Ralph has proven in everything he has done, that he has got the right combination of inspired leadership, practical decision-making and effective communication. And his passionate commitment to coming up with real and implementable solutions to address the ecological and climate crisis we are facing is what we need most right now.”

Christie Young and Yasser Qahawish  – Owners of Artisinale

“I am delighted to endorse my colleague Dr. Ralph Martin as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the next Federal Election. I have known and collaborated with Ralph for many years. I share his views of the importance of and collective responsibility for managing our ecosystems responsibly and sustainably. The decisions we make today will define the future of our children.  I am excited to support Ralph and have full trust in his ability to represent Wellington – Halton Hills in the House of Commons. We need new faces and new ideas in politics for the benefit of our society and Canada as a whole.”

Istvan Rajcan, Ph.D. – Soybean Breeding & Genetics, University of Guelph

“I have been very fortunate to have Ralph as my advisor and mentor over the last six years and I know him to be an exceptional leader and effective advocate for mobilizing innovation and action to address key issues facing our world today such as, climate change and biodiversity loss. Ralph always acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness. I am confident that he can strengthen this party and our government by improving opportunity, enhancing alliances and reinforcing our vital commitment to community, environmental responsibility, sustainable economic development and social equity.”

Kyra Lightburn, Ph.D.Student – Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph

“I have been fortunate to have Ralph as my professor a number of times during my agricultural studies at the University of Guelph. In teaching and conversation, he exudes passion for the environment and economics as they relate to sustainable agricultural practices. His concern for and investment in his students is obvious. He challenged me to back up my arguments with data and to question convention. I believe he would be a good representative for Wellington – Halton Hills Greens; for his knowledge of young people’s concerns, for his strong beliefs that prosperous communities go hand in hand with sustaining their environment, not depleting it.”

Heather Beach – Agriculture Student, University of Guelph

“Ralph Martin would make an ideal federal Green Party candidate for Wellington – Halton Hills. He is well respected in the community – as a University scholar examining sustainable food production systems and also as a down-to-earth practitioner with well thought out plans to build community resilience (see local press pieces in the GuelphMercuryTribune.com). Dr. Martin has the tact, knowledge and life-long experience to lead the way in tackling our challenging societal/environmental issues.”

Paul Kraehling, Ph.D. – Sessional Instructor, University of Guelph

Other Supporters Include…

  • Maurice Nelischer – Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph
  • Megan Crosland – Co-owner, 3 Beets to the Wind Farm
  • Andrew Hamilton-Wright – Associate Professor, Computer Sciences, University of Guelph
  • Martin Ronda
  • Kem Kramer
  • Renee Bergeron

If you’d like to add your name to the list, click here to send Ralph an email.

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