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We are building a campaign so we can make history in Wellington Halton Hills. Be part of it!

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There are lots of opportunities to get involved in all areas of the campaign – whether it’s for an afternoon of canvassing or a leadership role on the team. Here are a few ways to contribute:  

  • Canvassing door-to-door
  • Phone outreach
  • Data entry
  • Sign coordination and delivery
  • Amplifying Ralph’s message on social media
  • Getting out the vote in October
  • Other campaign team roles, such as graphic design, photography, videography, admin support, office management, event planning, and engagement with specific communities

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with Gloria, our Volunteer Coordinator –

Host a get-together

Gather some friends, family and neighbours for an informal chat and meet-and-greet with Ralph. You choose the time and place, whether it’s a porch party, a conversation over coffee, or an evening meet up, and Ralph will be there to discuss the issues that matter to you.

Contact Sam, our Campaign Manager  –

Help us be at your community’s events

The WHH riding is big and diverse, and we want to reach as many people as we can. We need your help to figure out how we can be where riding residents gather and to be as many places as we can. Help us identify and have a Green presence at local events in your community! Any and all suggestions welcome!

Get in touch with Katie, our events coordinator –

Get a lawn sign!

Register your address and we’ll deliver a lawn sign to you as soon as the election is called (likely early September).Register your address


Help us become a fully-funded campaign! Donate today to help bring Ralph’s message to everyone in Wellington – Halton Hills.

Sign up here to get involved in Ralph’s 2019 campaign!

Click here to become a Green Party of Canada member.

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